Technical Services

Centurions' technical division offers clients nothing short of the finest and most innovative technology. Our certified technicians are trained in the installation of security systems and equipment and provide remote technical support to all of our clients. Thanks to trusted partners and suppliers, Centurions Solutions has access to a complete range of state-of-the-art products.

Surveillance Operational Center (O.S.C.)

Centurions Solutions’ Operational Surveillance Center (O.S.C.) is an integral part of the technical services. Operating 24h a day, 7 days a week, the O.S.C. monitors clients’ cameras in real-time which allows us to intervene immediately and efficiently with the proper resources in the event of any security breach.

The surveillance center also manages and monitors clients’ access control and alarm systems remotely, and stores cloud backups. The center is operated by specialized agents trained specifically for these tasks, and who are continuously staying up to date to remain on the cutting edge of technology innovations.

Security Cameras, Access Control and Alarm Systems

Centurions Solutions is certified by several of the market’s most reputable brands, which allows us to offer a variety of products at a competitive price.

Our trained technicians install the equipment based on the client’s architectural plans. Security cameras, centralized access and alarm systems can be installed at a very reasonable cost despite their high level of sophistication, making your access doors, elevators, service areas, camera circuits, computer rooms and other limited traffic areas virtually impenetrable.

Security cameras, access control and alarm systems are monitored remotely from our Operational Surveillance Center, from which an Alarm Response Patrol is dispatched to intervene in the event of any security breach.

Video Surveillance

As a cost-efficient alternative to static security guards, video surveillance monitoring through our Operational Surveillance Center is a proven effective solution to protect assets and facilities during critical times.

Centurions’ technicians install all the equipment needed to provide clients with video surveillance of their facilities based on the layout and architecture of their sites. Additionally, our servers also allow us to provide monitoring services to clients who already have security cameras set up by accessing the existing equipment.

Our video monitoring service is fully operational 24h a day, 7 days a week.

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