Security Services

Centurions Solutions’ security personnel stands out with their consistent professionalism and extensive training, as a direct reflection of the company’s mission and values. Agents are highly qualified to secure clients’ assets and facilities and are trained to the highest industry standards to respond appropriately to any given situation.

We have all the vehicles, technology and security agents to accomplish the tasks requested by our customers in a professional and secure way.

Security Guards

Static security guards provide all-around protection, control access to facilities, prevent theft, intrusions and vandalism, exercise crowd control, respond to emergency situations and fulfill any other security needs.

Before agents are sent out, they are rigorously trained and briefed to answer to the client’s specific needs and requirements. Our security guards always demonstrate leadership, proactivity and integrity while on the job.

When hiring Centurions security guards, the protection and safety of all of your assets and people are guaranteed.

Preventive Patrol and Alarm Response

Preventive patrol units ensure the presence of patrol officers at your facilities on a regular basis with the objective of preventing security breaches.

Patrollers thoroughly secure the premises while in constant communication with our dispatch. Travelling in vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art radio systems and computers, they are ready to respond to any duly identified emergencies.

Centurions Solutions works alongside the biggest alarm system providers in the Greater Montreal area to offer alarm response services to a wide clientele base.

As soon as an alarm system is triggered, whether received through our Operational Surveillance Center or through one of our partners’ Alarm Centrals, our dispatch center is alerted and immediately sends out a patrol unit to assess the situation and respond with the most appropriate means.

Event Security

Centurions Solutions has all of the equipment, highly-trained staff and expertise to provide complete event security services. We combine a special unit of security officers and first responders based on the location, size and nature of your event to ensure the safety of your valuable equipment, attendees and personnel.

During events that pose major security risks, we collaborate with the police to provide a united protection front.

A new vision of security

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